"Ovidiu Sincai" European School

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The "Ovidiu Sincai" European School aims to annualy recruit as participants a group of 35 people, active and aspiring to prominence in their chosen sphere of activity. Calls for selection of participants are issued in the national media. Selection is made on the basis of a European CV. The selection will provide a good cross section of society reflecting a wide spectrum of political view points with a good percentage of women and representation of the country's geographic, religious and ethnic differences.

The participants will be selected because they see themselves and the School sees them realistically as having a role in this process. The seminars, the participants continuing involvement with the School and a growing network of alumni associates of the School will have a long-term beneficial impact on the political processes in Romania. This should lead in turn to better prospects for the earlier integration of Romania into the European Union and attainment of European standards in all areas.

The target groups are prominent and aspiring young individuals in political and public life in Romania. As Romanian citizens, they see their future in Europe, but are frustrated and disappointed with the generation of politicians and civil servants that dominates today. If Romania is to develop into a stable, well functioning, participatory democracy, then it is vital that its leaders are aware of and accept the principles that underpin the democracies of Europe and the effective functioning of democratic societies. The project aims to instil those principles into its participants.

Applications for the selection procedures concerning the year of study 2016 will be received until 31st January 2016.

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