"Ovidiu Sincai" European School

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  • Background

    The "Ovidiu Sincai" European School was established on 18 June 2004 in Bucharest by the "Ovidiu Sincai" Institute under the aegis of the Council of Europe, in the presence of Mr. Terry Davis, Secretary General of the Council of Europe, Mr. Klaus Schumann, General Director of the Council's Political Affairs Department, of other Romanian and foreign personalities and of Romanian politicians. The School is a member of the Council of Europe’s Network of Schools of Political Studies.

    The School annually recruits 30 participants selected from a wide spectrum of the Romanian society. The School’s main objective is training future decision-makers, representatives of political parties, of the judiciary, journalists, businessmen/women etc., in the spirit of democratic and European practices and creating a proper framework for their sharing of experiences.

    The School organizes, during a year of study, four seminars of three-four days, covering the main aspects of governing a pluralist, democractic society with a functioning market economy. The seminars are conducted by experienced and knowledgeable national and international experts. At the end of the school year the participants are awarded graduation certificates from the Council of Europe, within a festive ceremony.

  • Mission

    The fundamental mission of the "Ovidiu Sincai" European School is to contribute to the in-depth acknowledgement of the values and principles of democracy, thus supporting the complex process of modernizing the doctrine from Romania, of making the political class professional and efficient.

    After years of unrest and rearrangements on our political stage, with the existence of a large number of factions, the Romanian society has entered a stage in which the need for crystallization and structuring of firm political orientations, well anchored in the national and international realities, is acutely sensed. From this perspective, the "Ovidiu Sincai" European School is the carrier of a vast project of thorough doctrinal study, modernization and conceptualization, being open mostly to youth, as well as all others interested in the values, principles and practices of democracy.

    The "Ovidiu Sincai" European School continues a permanent effort of training and professional specialization, conferring an institutional dimension, necessarily sensed. The values and the principles of democracy become, in this way, object of careful and thorough study, by the new generations, which represent the present and future basis of competitive modern political management, in accordance with the accelerated dynamics of the Romanian society, with the European and international democratic standards.

  • Perspectives

    The "Ovidiu Sincai" European School is one of the most important political academies in Romania that trains together young leaders from different areas of public life and different political party backgrounds. Acting as an avant-garde, it will bring Romania into the new era of political development and provide a lead for others to follow. Experiences learned, teaching materials, panels of experts / trainers, and network of alumni formed by the School can provide a useful basis for the establishment of new schools of politics in different Romanian regions.

    The project insures a highly qualitative, stimulating and interactive educational environment for potential future leaders of Romania. On the long run, it is envisaged that the participants in the European School will reach important positions of the political life, when they will make use of the knowledge accumulated during the seminars to insure Romania’s welfare and security within a united Europe.

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