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The activities of the School are mainly focused on the organization of four interactive seminars to be held in Romania (three) and Strasbourg. The seminars will look at the functioning of democratic societies, their structures and the exercise of power and responsibility within them.

The seminars are taking place in a location away from the capital, in an isolated place with full conference and accomodation facilities. The duration of each seminar does not exceed a total of 4 days. However, the seminars will be organized over the weekend and adding only two working days, in order to allow participants to attend their usual business without major disruption.


Internal Evaluation
A report summarizing the evaluation of each seminar and making such proposals as are considered necessary is prepared by the Director of the School and is submitted to the Advisory Board for its input. A report on the project as a whole is prepared by the Director of the School after the completion of the project. It is submitted to the Advisory Board for its input before submitting it to the donor organization. This report is reviewed in the light of the ‘one year later’ evaluations.

Following the end of each seminar, the participants are asked to complete an evaluation form designed to estimate the impact the seminar had on them and to express their views on where improvements could be made. At the end of the project, the participants are asked to review the impact the project had on them and its anticipated impact on their life and work. The same evaluation is repeated a year later. The objective is to assess the long-term impact of the project and its sustainable influence on the participants.


As far as the Council of Europe’s financial support is concerned, this consists of a lump sum to cover the costs of the first two seminars to be held in the country in the first part of the studying year. The amount is transferred to the School in two instalments, upon receipt of a budget, which covers, for each seminar, the following items:
- Hotel accommodation for max. 30 participants for 4 days (3 nights);
- Meals for max. 30 participants for 4 days;
- Travel costs and honorarium for national speakers (max. 5 persons);
- Seminar materials.
In order to cover organisational costs borne by the School for the organisation of each seminar, starting with 1st January 2011, each participant has to pay to the school the equivalent amount of 100 euro, representing the annual tax of participation.

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